Welcome to Clarendon Roofing & Building Ltd

Clarendon Roofing & Building Ltd is committed to providing the highest standard of build quality, service and price competitiveness to its customers in all areas of its construction services. Working primarily on recommendation we are proud of our record. Our guarantees are supported by our many accreditation’s and we believe our after sales is second to none.

Our Values

At Clarendon Roofing & Building Ltd we believe that each time we engage with a customer, our very future depends on it. We only use quality materials and equipment with a proven track record and employ on the very best technicians. All our staff are both highly qualified and in tune with our single minded philosophy, we are only as good as our last contract.

We are more than happy to work closely and directly with our clients or other individuals or parties connected with the project including architects, local planning officers and other contractors. We believe effective communication throughout the project is an essential aspect to a successful outcome.

Our values are reflected in the following company structures:

  • Clear and effective Communication pathways
  • Quality Budget Management
  • Scheduled Time Management
  • Procurement expertise and cost reporting
  • Predict and prevent health and safety regimes
  • Good Community relations
  • Ecological friendly practices
  • Regular Staff Training